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Series Journal #9: 2005 Supernatural S9

Series Journal #9 2005 Supernatural S9
2005 Supernatural S9

Series Journal

Series Journal #9: Supernatural Season 9. To avoid spoilers, I’ve decided to not write long and drawn out reviews. Links are to Wikipedia for further information. I use 10 star rating system in my hardcopies, which can be seen in the episode ratings, but I have converted overall rating to 5 stars.

Season Details

Season: 9
Episodes: 23
Year: 2013
Classification: MA15+
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Running Time: 38–45 minutes
Countries: United States
Language: English
Creator: Eric Kripke
Original Network: The CW


Immediately after the fall of the angels caused by the angel Metatron, the Scribe of God, Sam falls into a coma from the effects of the trials to close the gates of Hell and almost dies. With Castiel unable to help (having lost his grace), Dean seeks the aid of another angel named Ezekiel, whose only option to save Sam from his wounds is to possess him. Dean accepts, and helps Ezekiel trick Sam into giving his consent against his knowledge. Source


No. in
1731I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here8/10
1742Devil May Care8/10
1753I’m No Angel8/10
1764Slumber Party9/10
1975Dog Dean Afternoon10/10
1786Heaven Can’t Wait8/10
1797Bad Boys8/10
1808Rock and a Hard Place8/10
1819Holy Terror8/10
18210Road Trip8/10
18311First Born8/10
18412Sharp Teeth8/10
18513The Purge8/10
18816Blade Runners8/10
18917Mother’s Little Helper8/10
19018Meta Fiction7/10
19119Alex Annie Alexis Ann7/10
19321King of the Damned8/10
19422Stairway to Heaven8/10
19523Do You Believe in Miracles?8/10



Special Guest Star

Guest Stars

My Season Rating

The best episode is Dog Dean Afternoon. I didn’t mind season 9, but it’s not my favourite season.

Your Season Rating

Have you seen this Season? Rate below! I’d love to hear what you think, please comment below or check out the forum to discuss with other fans.

Series Journal #9: 2005 Supernatural S9

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