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Series Journal #5: 2005 Supernatural S5

Series Journal #5 2005 Supernatural S5
2005 Supernatural S5

Series Journal

Series Journal #5: Supernatural Season 5. To avoid spoilers, I’ve decided to not write long and drawn out reviews. Links are to Wikipedia for further information. I use 10 star rating system in my hardcopies, which can be seen in the episode ratings, but I have converted overall rating to 5 stars.

Season Details

Season: 5
Episodes: 22
Year: 2009
Classification: MA15+
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Running Time: 38–45 minutes
Countries: United States
Language: English
Creator: Eric Kripke
Original Network: The CW


Mark Pellegrino plays the role of Lucifer. Paris Hilton guest stars in the episode “Fallen Idols”, in which she plays Leshi, a god that takes the form of various well-known faces including herself. The season also features the return of Jo and her mother Ellen Harvelle, as well as hunter Rufus Turner, the Trickster and the prophet Chuck Shurley. Wikipedia


No. in
831Sympathy for the Devil8/10
842Good God, Y’All!8/10
853Free to Be You and Me8/10
864The End8/10
875Fallen Idols9/10
886I Believe the Children Are Our Future8/10
897The Curious Case of Dean Winchester9/10
908Changing Channels10/10
919The Real Ghostbusters10/10
9210Abandon All Hope…9/10
9311Sam, Interrupted10/10
9412Swap Meat9/10
9513The Song Remains the Same8/10
9614My Bloody Valentine8/10
9715Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid9/10
9816Dark Side of the Moon8/10
991799 Problems8/10
10018Point of No Return8/10
10119Hammer of the Gods8/10
10220The Devil You Know8/10
10321Two Minutes to Midnight8/10
10422Swan Song9/10



Special Guest Star

Guest Stars

My Season Rating

My top 3 episodes in season five are, Changing Channels, Sam, Interrupted & The Real Ghostbusters.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Your Season Rating

Have you seen this Season? Rate below! I’d love to hear what you think, please comment below or check out the forum to discuss with other fans.

Series Journal #5: 2005 Supernatural S5

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