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Series Journal #3 2005 Supernatural S3

Series Journal #3 2005 Supernatural S3
2005 Supernatural S3

Series Journal

Series Journal #3: Supernatural Season 3. To avoid spoilers, I’ve decided to not write long and drawn out reviews. Links are to Wikipedia for further information. I use 10 star rating system in my hardcopies, which can be seen in the episode ratings, but I have converted overall rating to 5 stars.

Season Details

Season: 3
Episodes: 16
Year: 2007
Classification: MA15+
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Running Time: 38–45 minutes
Countries: United States
Language: English
Creator: Eric Kripke
Original Network: The CW


The season begins with the brothers tracking down the demons released from Hell in the previous season finale. They become allies with a demon named Ruby (Katie Cassidy), who claims to know a way to release Dean from his demonic pact—he had sold his soul to a demon and was given a year to live in exchange for Sam’s resurrection—and wants to protect them from the new demonic leader Lilith. As Dean’s deadline approaches, their efforts are further hindered by Bela Talbot (Lauren Cohan), a professional thief of occult items who is often at odds with the Winchesters. Wikipedia


No. in
451The Magnificent Seven9/10
462The Kids Are Alright8/10
473Bad Day at Black Rock9/10
484Sin City8/10
495Bedtime Stories8/10
506Red Sky at Morning8/10
517Fresh Blood8/10
528A Very Supernatural Christmas9/10
539Malleus Maleficarum8/10
5410Dream a Little Dream of Me9/10
5511Mystery Spot10/10
5612Jus in Bello9/10
5814Long Distance Call8/10
5915Time Is on My Side9/10
6016No Rest for the Wicked9/10



Guest Stars

My Season Rating

Mystery Spot is my favourite episode from season 3. Sam repeats the same day over and over, every day ending the same, Dean dies. A Very Supernatural Christmas is a close second.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Your Season Rating

Have you seen this Season? Rate below! I’d love to hear what you think, please comment below or check out the forum to discuss with other fans.

Series Journal #3: 2005 Supernatural S3

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