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Movie Journal #1: 1986 Labyrinth

Movie Journal #1
1986 Labyrinth

Movie Journal

Movie Journal #1: Labyrinth. To avoid spoilers, I’ve decided to not write reviews. Links are to Wikipedia for further information.



Year: 1986
Classification: G
Genres: Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Musical
Running Time: 1h 41m
Countries: United Kingdom, United States
Language: English
Directed by: Jim Henson
Screenplay by: Terry Jones
Story by: Dennis Lee, Jim Henson
Produced by: Eric Rattray


16-year-old Sarah Williams recites from a book titled The Labyrinth in the park with her dog Merlin but is unable to remember the last line while being watched by a barn owl. She realises that she is late to babysit her baby half-brother Toby and rushes home and is confronted by her stepmother Irene, who then leaves for dinner with Sarah's father Robert. constant crying, so she rashly wishes Toby be taken away by the goblins from her book. She is shocked when Toby disappears, and the Goblin King Jareth appears. He offers Sarah her dreams in exchange for the baby, but she refuses, having instantly regretted her wish. Jareth reluctantly gives Sarah 13 hours to solve his labyrinth and find Toby before he is turned into a goblin forever. Sarah meets a dwarfish man named Hoggle, who aids her in entering the labyrinth. She has trouble finding her way at first but meets a talking worm who inadvertently sends her in the wrong direction. Wikipedia

My Movie Rating

I absolutely love this movie and watch it a few times a year, at least. I also listen to quite a few songs from the soundtrack on a regular basis. Magic Dance, As The World Falls Down and Underground (all by David Bowie) are my top 3 favourites songs from the Labyrinth Soundtrack.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Movie Journal #1: 1986 Labyrinth

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